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Andrea Petkovic Tennis Player Profile,Bio 7 Photos 2011

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Andrea Petkovic

Country:   Germany
Born:   September 9, 1987
Age:   24 years, 28 days
Height  :5'11''
Plays:   Right Handed
Rank:   11
Best Rank:   10, Aug 8, 2011

Andrea Petkovic started her career since she was just a little girl. At the age of six her father took her to play tennis. She started to play and made a good job. Her father noticed that and became her coach.

She worked a lot with her father and she became very good in tennis. Andrea participated at many games and gained 4 titles in Antalya, Podgorica, Davos and Alphen aan den Rijn. Her professional careers started when she was 19 years old, after she finished her studies.

In 2007 she played her first Grand Slam French Open. She beat Marion Bartoli. She went at many games and participated all the time but she was on the second place. In one if her games she had trouble with her leg and spent a few months at the hospital.

In 2008 she lost the title but in 2009 Andrea Petkovic won her first WTA and she and her family were very happy because she became a winner. Andrea Petkovic worked a lot and she deserves all the titles and all the good things.

 Andrea Petkovic
 Andrea Petkovic
 Andrea Petkovic
 Andrea Petkovic
 Andrea Petkovic
 Andrea Petkovic
 Andrea Petkovic
Andrea Petkovic

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