Saturday 21 January 2012

Alex Rodriguez Best Player 2012

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Height: 6-3
Weight: 195 lbs.
Throws: Right
Bats: Right
Positions: Shortstop
Born: July 27, 1975
High School:Westminster Christian(Miami, FL)
Home: Miami, Florida

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, born July 27, 1975 in New York, lived with his family behind his Dominican Republic parents’ shoe store. Though the Rodriguezes returned to the Caribbean briefly, they eventually settled in Miami, where Spanish-speaking Alex struggled to keep up in school but made friends through his love of baseball.
When Alex’s dad moved to New York to look for work and never came back, baseball became Alex’s life. He joined the Boys & Girls Club of Miami as shortstop and led the team to victory. In high school he shone on the baseball diamond; when his team was named best in the country, Rodriguez was asked to join the U.S. national team for the World Junior Championships in Mexico.
As grad approached Alex had his eye on the pros – and the pros had an eye on him. By June he knew he’d be drafted, possibly to the Seattle Mariners. But he wanted to go to the LA Dodgers, so his agent told the Mariners it’d take $2 million to sign Alex. Seattle, who had first pick over LA, refused, and a long, ugly negotiation delayed A-Rod's first pro summer. He spent the season trying out for Team USA (the first high schooler ever asked to try out), but a conflict over who held rights to print his rookie card - Classic Games or Topps - kept him off the field. By the time a foul ball grazed the side of his head, Alex had had enough. He took the $1.3 million bonus offered by the Mariners and, in 1994, was promoted from spring training directly to the majors, with a locker next to Ken Griffey Jr.

 Alex Rodriguez
 Alex Rodriguez
 Alex Rodriguez
 Alex Rodriguez
 Alex Rodriguez
 Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez

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