Saturday, 31 March 2012

Candace Parker American Basketball Star 2012

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Name: Candace Nicole Parker
Nickname: N/A
Born: April 19, 1986
Famous as :Basketball player
Status: Active
Nationality: American
Origin: St. Louis, Missouri
Height: 6-4/1,95m
Weight: 170lbs/78,6kg
Schools: Naperville Central High School (Naperville, Illinois), University of Tennessee
Drafted: Undrafted
Languages: English
Teams (jersey): US National Team, Tennessee

Candace Parker was born on April 19, 1986 to Natasha, who currently works for the front office of the Chicago Sky, and Larry, who is in the insurance business. She has two older brothers: Anthony Parker, who is an NBA player, and Marcus, who is a doctor.
She grew up in Naperville, Illinois. Her whole family loved basketball, and she began playing at an early age. Her father had played at the University of Iowa in the 1970s. The family were also huge Chicago Bulls fans. Candace was 2nd guessing about playing basketball, fearing she would not live up to the level of play her father and brother demonstrated, so she focused on playing soccer. It wasn't until the eighth grade that her family convinced her to play. Her father would help coach and critique her. Candace said of the experience, "He did things to make me mad, to challenge me, because I was so much more athletic and had so much more knowledge of the game than everyone else that sometimes I just coasted. If me and my dad went to a park and he didn't think I was practicing hard enough, he'd just get in the car and leave. And I'd have to run home. I mean run home. Once I figured that out, I'd always try to go to close-by-parks.

 Candace Parker
 Candace Parker
 Candace Parker
 Candace Parker
 Candace Parker
 Candace Parker

 Candace Parker
Candace Parker

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