Friday 30 September 2011

Natalie Gulbis Golf Star Hot Photos 2011

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Natalie Gulbis Hot Photos

Natalie Gulbis, you are Hot! You’ve caught the attention of everyone on the LPGA tour with your powerful drives and accurate irons. Men love your greenish-blue eyes and streaked blonde hair, but it’s your command of that long, stiff shaft that drives them wild.
You are 5’9” worth of sexiness. You broke par at age 10, and you’ve been breaking hearts since the glorious day your father allowed you to wear that mini-skirt for a round of 18. In high school, you crushed your male competitors, shaming them in defeat and forcing them to spend long hours stroking — err, working on their strokes.
You graduated high school in only three years, and went pro after a year of college. When you weren’t playing golf, you were working on your flexibility with a local gymnastics club. Apparently you’re a top-level gymnast. If this golf thing doesn’t work out, you could make a lot of money by letting people watch you ride the pommel horse.
Your swimsuit calendar has sold out four times over, and you’ve been linked to super-studs Derek Jeter and Ben Roethlisberger. Recent reports claim that Big Ben has won your heart, but after watching the Steelers’ two playoff games, we’re sure you’ve noticed that he’s prone to making premature decisions in pressure situations, if you know what we mean.
The fact that you love the music of Creed and Celine Dion — or that you claim to eat McDonald’s almost every day — has left us undeterred. Natalie Gulbis, you are the elegant albatross women’s golf has been waiting for.
May your fairways be green and your roughs not too… rough? Either way, you are Hot!

Natalie Gulbis Hot 
 Natalie Gulbis Hot 
 Natalie Gulbis Hot 
 Natalie Gulbis Hot 
 Natalie Gulbis Hot 
 Natalie Gulbis Hot

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